Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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~ About Our Splash Cochins~

I'm long overdue in dedicating a page of my website to my Splash Cochins. These lovely birds have given me so much enjoyment over the years that it seems neglectful not to pay tribute to them specifically.


Breeders who specialize in blue poultry must accept that a percentage of splash offspring will result from their breeding efforts. This is due to the incomplete dominance of the blue feathering gene which dilutes the black. Simply put, when two blue chickens are mated together, their progeny will not all be blue. Those with two copies of the gene have near-total dilution and are called splash; birds with no copies have no dilution and are black. Only those with one copy will have the partial dilution necessary to produce blue plumage. However, it is much easier to develop a Splash flock. A splash to splash mating will breed pure for splash offspring.


Splash Cochins are undeniably attractive with a delicate, sooty-white background and dark "splashes" of grey-blue. The amount of dark flecks will vary from bird to bird. The Splash variety was recently (in 2014) granted approval by the American Bantam Association and by the American Poultry Association in Bantam size only. It is not yet a standardized variety for large fowl Cochins.


Splash cock 2017juvenile cockerelSplash and Blue hens

Splash Cochin pullet, photo 2016Splash cockerel 2016Young Splash Cochins 2016