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~ About Our Rhode Island Reds ~

Some History...


Rhode Island Reds have been long-time favorites on North American farms since they made their deput in the mid 1800's and for good reason. They are handsome birds with dark, lustrous body color and a black tail with “beetle green” irridescence. One very distinguishing characteristic of this breed is the long, broad back carried horizontally. With their deep, rich color and blocky body type, the Rhode Island Red is a very distinctive and attractive breed. Standard-bred Reds should also be characterized by superb production qualities (both eggs and meat). They are docile and friendly and are excellent foragers that enjoy free-ranging. All in all, an ideal chicken for the farm or acreage.


When I started searching for the genuine "old type" Reds I discovered that flocks of these chickens that were once so common are now few and far between. Those that can still be found in Canada are almost all the single-comb variety; the elusive Rose-comb Reds have become very rare indeed. I just started with this breed in 2013, so I feel fortunate to have built up a solid foundation flock to help preserve this precious piece of North American history for future generations to enjoy.


Rose Comb pullet 2014Rhode Island Red cockerelYoung Pullet 2013Rhode Island Red cockerel 2015


Rhode Island Red chicks 2014Brick-shaped pullets 2014cock and cockerel2015 chick