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~ About Our Partridge Cochins~

Large Fowl Partridge Cochins are now becoming rare, but they have a very long history of bringing beauty and grace to the yards of fanciers. The APA admitted them to the standard in 1874, making them the first recognized patterned variety of Cochin. This description of Partridge Cochins is taken from the 1888 Poultry Monthly Publication: "No mixture of colors impart so much warmth and mellowness to plumage, as the tropical dyes of nut brown and mahogany, the peerless dress of our most fashionable Partridge Cochin hens."

Partridge WyandottesIt is important to be familiar with the North American colour standards, since ours calls for a much darker ground colour than the UK version of Partridge, as illustrated in this photo (left) of Partridge Wyandottes. A partridge rooster is a combination of lustrous black and red, while the female's feathers are deep reddish bay with distinct lines of black penciling. This intricate pattern is stunning, but it does present some challenges for breeders.


I have to admit I find the Partridge variety simply irresistible! The first time I kept a few was back in 2007, but due to the difficulty of sourcing good breeding stock I didn't continue with them at that time. In 2013 I started building a new flock and am hoping to encourage more breeders to take up the Partridge Cochin challenge. In fact, all of the parti-colored Cochins are in need of dedicated breeders to increase their numbers and and help keep them from disappearing into history.


Partridge Cochin Hens2014 chick2014 pullets and cockerelPartridge Cochin Hen
2012 Partridge Cochin cockerel2013 pulletPartridge Cochin Ckrl 2014