Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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~ Buff Orpingtons ~

Since making their debut in 1886 Orpingtons have continued to be a popular choice of dual-purpose chicken. Buff Chicks
This is an extremely heavy breed which means that hens will be hardy winter layers and the cockerels make excellent roasting chickens that you'll be proud to serve at the table. These qualities led to the overwhelming success of the original Orpington chickens, and are traits that still remain in a few select strains.


Over the past few years Hawthorn Hill Orpingtons have steadily gained recognition in the poultry exhibition circles, earning many champion awards.

Some recent achievements by Hawthorn Hill Buff Buff Orpingtons:

  • Best of Breed, APA Canadian National, 2017
  • Champion English, NCAPA 2016 - Hen
  • Champion English, Canadian Heritage Breeds Fall Show, 2015
  • Champion English, Res. Show Champion, Red Deer Westerner Fair 2015
  • Champion English & Reserve LF, CHB Lawn Show, 2014 - Cock
  • LF Grand Champion of Show, Toronto Royal Winter Fair, 2013 - Cock


Buff Orpington Rooster 20162012 Buff Orpington cockerel and pulletOrpington cockerel chick 20142014 Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair

Champ English 2015Orpington pair-2015Orpington Pullets 2016