Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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~ Hawthorn Hill Show News ~

2017 North Central Alberta Poultry Assoc. January 28 Wetaskiwin

Chantecler CockerelChantecler HenBlack Cochin PulletRIR Hen

White Chantecler K

Res Amer, Res Champ LF

White Chantecler Hen

Champ American, Champion LF

Black Cochin Pullet

Champion Asiatic


Best of Breed

2016 North Central Alberta Poultry Assoc. January 30-31 Wetaskiwin

Champion Large, Reserve Show ChampionChampion EnglishRIR cockerelReserve Asiatics

Black Cochin Hen

Ch Asiatics, Champion Large

Buff Orpington Hen

Champion English

Rose Comb RIR K

BB, Reserve American

Black Cochin K

Res Variety, Res. Asiatics

2015 Alberta Provincial ShowNovember 28, 29th 2015 Red Deer

White Chantecler PulletChampion EnglishRIR PulletChampion Asiatics Blue Cochin Hen

Black Cochin Hen

Champion Asiatics

Buff Orpington Cockerel

Champion English

Rose Comb RIR Pullet

Best of Breed

Blue Cochin Hen

Best of Variety, Res. Asiatics

2015 Summer Shows - July 18th, Red Deer and July 25th, Vermilion Alberta

Hawthorn Hill Buff OrpingtonWhite Chantecler PulletRIR Champion AmericanChampion Asiatics Blue Cochin Hen

Buff Orpington Cock

Ch English, Ch LF, Reserve Show Champion, at both Red Deer and Vermilion Fairs

White Chantecler Pullet
BB, Champion American, Reserve LF
Vermilion Fair

Rose Comb RIR

BB, Champion American
Red Deer

Blue Cochin Hen

BB, Ch Asiatics



Champion Cochin 2014Blue Cochin 2014 Blue cochin Pullet reserve championBlack Cochin Pullet


Blue Cochin Cockerel

BV/BB/Champion Asiatics

Champion Asiatics Cochin K

Blue Cochin Pullet

RV/RB/Reserve CH

Black Cochin Pullet
Best of Variety


Simply attending a prestigious event such as the Royal Winter Fair was a thrill in itself, but there are no words to describe the realization of a wining Overall Grand Champion Standard Fowl!


Royal Winter Fair 2013 ChampionRoyal Winter Fair 1st place CockerelRoyal Winter Fair 2013 1st place HenRoyal Winter Fair Toronto Champion Standard Poultry Award


Buff Orpington Cock
Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion

Buff Orpington Cockerel

1st cockerel

Buff Orpington Hen

1st hen, Reserve Best of Breed

Receiving Award

Article featuring "Champ", the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair Grand Champion!
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2013 CHB Alberta Provincial Show - November 23-24 2013 Red Deer, Alberta


Buff Orpington CockBuff Cochin CockerelBlack Cochin Pullet

Buff Orpington C

BB, Ch English

Buff Cochin Cockerel

Best of Breed, Ch Asiatics

Black Cochin P - BV, RB

2013 North Central Alberta Poultry Association - February 16 - 17, Wetaskiwin Alberta


Buff Cochin Pullet Best of Breed Wetaskiwin showBuff Orp hen Wetaskiwin ShowBuff Cochin cockerel Wetaskiwin ShowBuff Orp cockerel Wetaskiwin Alberta Poultry Show

Buff Cochin P

BB, Res Champion Asiatics

Buff Orpington Hen

Best of Variety

Buff Cochin K

Buff Orpington Ckl

2012 Canadian Heritage Breeds Provincial Show - November 23-25, Red Deer Alberta


Blue Cochin CockerelBlack Cochin CockerelBuff Orp Pullet Alberta CHB Show 2012Buff Orp cockerel CHB Alberta Provincial Show

Blue Cochin cockerel BV/BB -- Black Cochin K ----Buff Orp Pullet RV---Buff Orp cockerel BV/RB --

2011 Canadian Heritage Breeds Provincial Show - Red Deer, Alberta

Hawthorn Hill Buff Orpington Best of BreedBuff Orpington PulletBlue Orpington Winning PulletPoultry Show Judging

Buff Orp K BV/BB --- Buff Orp pullet RV/RB --- Blue Orp pullet BV ----- Judge Bart Pals ---