Located in Central Alberta, Canada

EMAIL: hawthorn@xplornet.com



The following will be available to buy at Wetaskiwin NCAPA Poultry Show

February 17, 2018

In the silent auction sales area.


  • Point of lay pullets, white egg layers
  • White Chantecler cockerel
  • White Chantecler hen 11 month old
Please note:
I don't sell hatching eggs or baby chicks. Well-started young stock and breeding pairs occasionally available.




In spring 2018 I will be hatching and raising fewer birds than in the past and will not have many extras to sell during the year. I will no longer be keeping waitlists, or contacting buyers when I have birds ready for purchase. One thing hasn't changed over the years...I still do not sell chicks or hatching eggs.

Occasionally good stock may be available, and I will post them here. You are also welcome to email and ask if I have breeding stock to sell at any particular time. But I'm not able to take orders or hold birds for customers for extended periods of time.

I've had the pleasure of meeting and sharing stock with so many wonderful people over the years. Thank you so much for giving good homes to the hundreds of chickens I've sold, and for inspiring me with your enthusiasm and awesome chicken stories! I wish you great success and continued enjoyment with your flocks, and hope to see you at a poultry show or other poultry event soon!


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