Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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~ Chickens Currently Offered for Sale~

Sorry, waitlists for breeding pairs/trios are now full for 2017. If you would like to be contacted in case of cancellations, please feel welcome to contact me and let me know what breed you are interested in. Good cockerels will likely be available until mid August. Thank you!

Looking to fill your coop with heritage pullets?

Finding a good supply of young heritage hens to buy can be as rare as hen's teeth! It's not feasible for a small producer like myself to raise enough extra chicks to supply other farms with enough laying hens for their needs, while still making good use of all those extra male chicks.

But if we each plan to hatch and raise our own batch of chicks, we can supply ourselves with all the laying hens and meat birds we want. All that's needed to get started is a small breeding group as a foundation, and a good table-top incubator!


Why I sell chickens in pairs or trios:
I don't actually sell many chickens anymore. I make sure to hatch enough to replenish my own flocks, and I usually end up with a few good birds to sell to others. There are many producers and hatcheries who are in the business of supplying chicks or hatching eggs if this is your preference, so there are options to fit everyone's needs for starting or building up a flock. But my particular niche is to sell a few, select breeding pairs and replacement roosters each year.


What you can expect to pay:

Prices vary, taking into consideration the breed and age, and also according to each bird's individual qualities and proven record. Prices generally start at $50.00 per bird.



Prices quoted are based on farm pick-up. I'm not able to make deliveries, but will be happy to meet up at events I'm attending.

I don’t currently work with any particular transport companies, however if you wish to make arrangements for transportation via livestock truck, I am willing to discuss. Air cargo may be an option, but I cannot provide you with rates. Please inquire with the airline to find out about requirements and rates to ship from Edmonton Airport. In addition to the pet cargo fee, there will also be costs for airline approved pet carriers and some mileage for my trip to Edmonton. I do not ship outside of Canada.



**No, I do not sell baby chicks or hatching eggs.**



All chickens advertised for sale have been vaccinated for Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT). I use only a non-shedding form of the vaccine, so it is safe to introduce these birds to an unvaccinated flock.


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