Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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~ About Our White Chanteclers ~


Chanteclers are a perfect illustration of the old adage "Form follows function". Developed to be a reliable winter layer, this all-Canadian breed is well-equipped to thrive in mild winter conditions. They are noted for having small wattles and a cushion comb which resembles a small round button sitting low on the head. This compact style of comb, along with the small wattles, reduces the chance of frostbite when compared to many other breeds. They also have very dense down and a heavy, powerful build which helps to produce and conserve body heat. It should go without saying however, that as caretakers of our livestock it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that all of our birds and animals receive suitable care and adequate housing.

The Chantecler is an exceptionally practical breed of chicken, and they are the perfect choice for those seeking self-sufficiency. The hens make wonderful layers, but the extra roosters will be just as valued for their outstanding meat properties. I've found that my strain of Chanteclers grow fast and reach market weights earlier than my other breeds.  The fact that they have white feathers and pale yellow skin adds to their attractiveness as a table bird.  


I've been building and developing my Chantecler flocks since 2010. For those interested, there is additional information on my flock's origins outlined here: Hawthorn Hill Chantecler Strain.


Chantecler cockerel 2014Chantecler pullets 2014Chantecler pullets 2014Chantecler Cockerels 2014

Rooster 2015Chantecler chickChantecler males