Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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Hawthorn Hill Poultry - young pullets

Hawthorn's Buff Orp show winnerBuff Orpington: Their classic beauty, grace and dependability has made them long time favorites...from the competitive fancier to the backyard flock owner. Our Hawthorn Hill Buff Orpingtons have a proven track record for consistent quality that meets the highest standards.


Chantecler CockerelWhite Chantecler: This is a true dual-purpose breed with a proud Canadian heritage. I highly recommend Chanteclers to people who want to establish a practical and sustainable flock. This is a heavy and fast growing chicken for superior meat properties, and hens are good, reliable layers of large eggs. :: READ MORE::

Blue Orpington pullet-Hawthorn HillBlue Cochin: Clear blue feathers, each delicately laced with black. It's glamorous, but can be very difficult to achieve without losing other important traits along the way. I've been working on my Blue Cochin strain for well over a decade, and my tenacity is finally paying off....with beautiful results! :: READ MORE::

Black Cochin RoosterBlack Cochin: These majestic birds must be seen to be fully appreciated! Inky-black and gleaming with green iridescence. Ruby red combs and wattles provide accent. They are grand, elegant and equally impressive in the chicken yard, or at the most prestigious shows.


Rhode Island Red cockerelRhode Island Red: Bred-to-standard Reds are a far cry from common commercial strains. Proper RIR's are solid-built, docile birds with very deep red, glossy feathers. I raise only the Rose-Comb type which dates back to 1905, but have sadly become quite rare in Canada.

Blue Andalusian RoosterAndalusian: This old Mediterranian breed is lively, active and graceful in carriage. This is the quintessential blue - sharp, distinct lacing outlining feathers of delicate slate blue. Despite their astonishing beauty it's a rugged and prolific breed with excellent production qualities.

Partridge Cochin HenDiscontinued Breeds. While I feel a long term committment is important to make a lasting impact on a breed, from time to time I do let go of one to take on something new. These are varieties I am no longer raising, but the pages are still available for viewing:


splash Cochin 2017-Hawthorn HillSplash Cochin: These beauties have all the fluff and splendour of Blue or Black Cochins, but packaged up in shades of soft grey-white and flecked with dark blue. As if their soft, pretty feathers aren't captivating enough, Cochins have an irresistibly friendly and gentle nature.