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Champion Blue Cochin Cockerel


Champion Cochin 2014

Champion Asiatics - Canadian National Show


Blue Cochins are a popular choice amongst fanciers, and for good reason! They are of course quiet and gentle-natured - a trait Cochins are well known for. But when you combine their friendly demeanor with gigantic size, and then package it all up in beautiful feathers of black-laced blue...the results are an unbeatable combination!


Standard-sized Blue Cochins suffered the fate of so many of the historic breeds and varieties - there had not been enough serious, long term breeders raising them in large enough numbers to retain breed strengths and characteristics. I started my strain of Blue Cochins from hatchery bloodlines in 2003, so it has taken many years of careful breeding and selection to bring them up to this level. It's so rewarding to see Blue Cochins finally restored to their former glory....even to the point of taking top prizes at major shows!



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