Located in Central Alberta, Canada

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Breathtaking beauty, charm...and PRODUCTION!

There's much more to this breed than their magnificent appearance! Andalusians are an old Mediterranian breed, and as such they are prolific layers of large white eggs. While raising Blue Andalusians I have gained an appreciation for the stong, robust qualities of this breed, their cleverness and ability to forage and range successfully.

But just as a high performance sport horse is not usually a good choice for an inexperienced rider, Andalusian chickens may not be a first choice for a novice chicken-keeper. This breed is athletic and their tendancy is to be nervous and flighty. It takes a bit of time (and treats) to help them become calm and trusting. Although heavier than many other egg-laying breeds, they are not especially well-equipped to handle our cold winters. Both roosters and hens have large single combs which are susceptible to frost bite. Good winter accommodations are required.


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