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Hawthorn Hill is a family farm located in central Alberta, Canada, where we raise Standard-bred Heritage chickens.

True Heritage chickens are a cherished piece of North American farming history. Up until about 1950, these were the fowl that fed families while bringing color and delight to the farmyard.

But the old breeds represent far more than a sentimental reminder of simpler times. They are still the ideal choice for the modern homesteader whose primary goal is home-grown meat and fresh, nutritious eggs. The other priceless benefit is self-sufficiency, meaning the freedom to raise our own replacement chickens of consistent quality.




Orpington pullet

Many of the old, traditional breeds, including Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds and Chanteclers are composite breeds. These were developed by poultrymen of the 19th and early 20th centuries to meet demands for economical, market quality fowl.

Cochins are now considered mainly ornamental, but they are one of the irreplaceable foundation breeds of poultry. The foundation breeds are of ancient descent and details of their origin have been lost to history. Their ambiguous beginnings make them especially treasured genetic resources.


quality vs quantity


Quality, not quantity. I raise chickens on our farm as a hobby with a goal of continual improvement in my flocks. I do not operate a commercial business or hatchery, so I don't sell hatching eggs or chicks. Breeding Stock is occasionally available. More information here: "Poultry For Sale."

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American Poultry Association
Master Exhibitor #891

  • Canadian Heritage Breeds (Secretary)
  • Cochins International (Director for Canada)
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